International department of Shanghai jincai middle school

Shanghai Jincai High School

Director's Message

Director of Shanghai Jincai High School : Mr Dong Shujia

The students of Jincai High School International Division come from various countries all across the world, who are brought up in diverse family backgrounds and cultures. In today’s world, every individual’s target are diversified. Hence, defying the stereotype of cultivating so-called successful students, our school makes concerted efforts with parents and students to help students discover the world, build up confidence and display their own talents by utilizing all the educational resources available.

Bearing with the mission, what JCID (Jincai High School International Division) tries to convey is that the school is more than a place for learning, but indeed a place where students grow up. What JCID strives to achieve is to inspire students to grow freely and happily through every element of this campus.

Welcome to JCID. Let’s work together to strive for excellence!

Director of Shanghai Jincai High School : Mr Dong Shujia