International department of Shanghai jincai middle school

Shanghai Jincai High School

Education Mission
  1. Create an equal and harmonious school environment with multi-culture: students from all over the world can grow together, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender.
  2. Cultivate citizens with global vision and responsibility
  3. Build positive life attitude with honesty, collaboration, team spirit and confidence
  4. Respect and treat people with good manners
Student Policy

RespectRecognize and respect the rights, beliefs, and
practices of others.

ResponsibilityResponsible for maintaining a studious environment.


● Respect others and self, build social responsibility

● Recognize and respect the rights, beliefs, or practices of others

● Show mutual respect regardless of race, religion and culture

● Express the idea with proper languages and gestures

● Avoid any destructive behavior, infringement of laws, remarks or attacks concerning personal affairs, races, and cultural differences

● Well-dressed in school uniforms

● Respect school property and reputation

● Respect the work of school members

● Morality and good deeds are encouraged and violence in any form is unacceptable

● Actively participating in school activities, and expressing school pride

Obligation of the School Members

1. It is the duty of a student to
(a) participate fully in learning opportunities;
(b) study on a regular basis
(c) contribute to an orderly and safe learning environment
(d) respect the rights of others
(e) comply with the discipline policies of the school


2. It is the duty of the parents to
(a) support their children in achieving academic success;
(b) urge students to study according to school requirements
(c) communicate regularly with their school and collaborate with the school in all kinds of educational activities
(d) ensure the basic needs of their children are met, including maintaining good health and rest when they go to school;
(e) provide support to teachers in educating students.


3. It is the duty of a teacher in a public school to
(a) respect the rights of students
(b) be dedicated to completing the assignment made by the school
(c) implement teaching strategies that foster a positive learningenvironment aimed at helping students achieve learning outcomes;
(d) encourage students in the pursuit of learning
(e) monitor the effectiveness of the teaching strategies by analyzing outcomes achieved
(f) acknowledge and accommodate differences in learning styles;
(g) take all reasonable steps necessary to create and maintain an orderly and safe learning environment;
(h) maintain appropriate order and discipline in the school or classroom in the teacher's charge, and report to the principal or other person in charge the conduct of any student who is persistently defiant or disobedient;
(i) maintain an attitude of concern for the welfare and security of each student and encourage in each student an attitude of concern for the welfare and security of others and encourage students to respect values regarding faith, morality, truth, patriotism, justice, universal love, equality, diligence, kindness, etc.
(j) show concern for students health, security, and comfort.

Support Staff

4. It is the duty of the support staff member to
(a) maintain an attitude of concern for the dignity and welfare of each student;
(b) co-operate with the principal, teachers, students and other staff members to maintain an orderly, safe and supportive learning environment;
(c) respect students’ rights

Management System

Fixed class management system is adopted in JCID. Each class has no more than 25 students with a caring and experienced class teacher. Classes in English section have both Chinese and foreign class teachers, who are responsible for students’daily life, academic advisement and moral education. The class teachers keep regular contact with parents or guardians and report the academic and behavioral situation at regular intervals.
The dual management system is established at both director and class teachers’ levels with the division of responsibilities. The class teachers are responsible for students’ routine affairs while directors handle the important problems and events.
The students’ behavior and the handling of the affairs refer to the following rules and regulations.
<JCID Student’s Guide>

Student Union
Management Department
  • Establish dual management system supervised by both directors and homeroom teachers.
  • Appoint respective directors for Chinese and English Section in charge of supervision and inspection.
  • Set the Students Center to deal with students’ school enrollment and foreign affairs.
  • Allow independent management by the Student Council elected by students.

Student activity

Utilizing varied modern teaching resources and technologies, we are able to serve our students with first class learning and living environment; Meanwhile, we provide platforms for our students to fully develop their talents, preparing them well for future life in the future society.

Experience Traditional Events

We will arrange for our students to visit major scenic spots in Shanghai, to help students get a better understanding of city culture of Shanghai. Sports festival is held once a semester including the sports meet, varied matches and the culture trip aimed to broaden students' horizons in Chinese history and its cultural landscape. In our school, students council makes arrangements for the haunted house in Halloween party. Graduation ceremony is held in June annually, celebrated by elementary, middle school and high school graduates. The school year book is made by the joints efforts of teachers and students alike, in which teachers provide guidance, students council help to operate it while students collect all materials all through a year, design cover and layout for their own class. The annual Christmas celebration is made up of two parts, The fun and food party and Christmas performance.

Theme Activities

The Art Festival includes singing, dancing, musical instrument competitions. Besides we have Science Fair, entertaining maths contest. MYP Week related to all five areas, in which students can fully experience education philosophy of MYP.

Community and service

Community service, charity activities, social experiencing, all contribute to facilitate our students in learning, helping them to understand and think about the following questions: How our lives are related? How do I contribute to my community? How do I help others?

Student associations

JCID has some student clubs with distinctive features. We believe active organization of student clubs are conducive to develop students interests. Moreover, it fosters students’ personality, awareness of democratic management as well as their initiative. The most active ones now includes: electric band, Chinese chess, card games, hockey, etc.

Cultural Tour and Experience of Shanghai

Entrance Guidance

Here at JCID we offer college counselling services to all students from grades 6-12.

We have a dedicated college centre for private discussion regarding the student’s university track as well as an online platform (UNIFROG) available to all MYP/DP students which allows them to explore pathways, catalogue choices, and learn about application requirements. Alongside our centre and online platform, we have a written guide ready to be collected by any student wanting to read it. As the college counsellor, I am experienced in all application systems including the most common international applications (US/UK/Canada/Hong Kong/Singapore/Australia). I dedicate myself to understanding the students and will strive to help them in any way possible. I also welcome parents to meet me in person, I believe university application season should be an exciting time! With the right organisation, knowledge, and preparation the process can be an inspiring moment that defines a student’s future. I will do everything I can to help make the process as simple and as clear as possible.

The College Center Office:A504
Mr Jack Onley
Head of College Center