International department of Shanghai jincai middle school

Shanghai Jincai High School

Our Mission
  • 1. has a good sense of identity
  • 2. is open-minded and adaptable
  • 3. is respectful of other cultures and beliefs
  • 4. is a good communicator
  • 5. has respect for the ideas and opinions of others
  • 6. takes an interest in global issues
Code of conduct

We are an International community with a passion for learning:
challenge and guidance for all students in a global setting a safe, secure and purposeful learning environment learning the learning process in a stimulating, and enjoyable way using multiple teaching and learning strategies working with parents and the entire community to ensure all students are fully supported academically, socially and emotionally offer a wide range of enrichment & extension activities through the day and after school

School Activites

Utilizing varied modern teaching resources and technologies, we are able to serve our students with first class learning and living environment; Meanwhile, we provide platforms for our students to fully develop their talents, preparing them well for future life in the future society.

Primary School International Exhibition

International week for the purpose of charitable donation is the largest and most special activity of our department. "charity regardless of race, love without borders" is our activity concept.

The activity focuses on helping students establish the spirit of dedication and also reflects the education requirement of "cultivating students into responsible citizens of the world".

Chinese culture week

The annual Chinese culture week is designed to help students learn more about Chinese culture, understand the cultural connotation and enhance the cultural heritage.

Jincai got talent

Our school encourages and supports students to develop in an all-round way. The performance of "talent show" it is the stage for students to show their charm, release their passion and joy.


Every year on October 31 is the traditional western festival - Halloween. The ministry of elementary school will hold a celebration at the end of October every year, in which students dress up in costumes and give full play to their nature.