International department of Shanghai jincai middle school

Shanghai Jincai High School

Introduction for English Section Courses

Jincai High School International Division was authorized as an IBDP school in 2015. This new authorization was based on the solid foundation of IBMYP, which extended the high standards of international curriculum from middle school to high school. The balanced curriculum including 6 subject courses is aimed to foster the“all-round”talents who can show versatile skills needed in world stages of the future. Differentiated teaching and shifting class models are adopted according to students’ ability level, and all the courses are taught in English with textbooks published from overseas countries.

Core of IBDP Courses

Theory of Knowledge: Students are encouraged to reflect upon the essence of knowledge, the learning process and establish the links between different areas of knowledge.

Extended Essay: Students are required to write a report based on a project selected by themselves after investigation under the guidance of the teacher.

Creation, Action and Service: This area is designed to engage students in experimental study with a series of art, sports and service activities.

Our IBDP courses cover Six Disciplinary Area with 14 subjects:

Language and literature group: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
Language acquisition group: Chinese, English;
Individual and Society group: Economics, Psychology, History;
Experimental Science group: Physics, Chemistry, Biology;
Mathematics group: Mathematics;
Art group: Fine art;

Courses for Chinese section

Coaching Classes for the College Entrance Examination
The coaching classes are set for students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.For 10th graders, we adapt the local school textbooks to the college examination syllabus for Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao. In grade 11, all students are separated into two categories: science class and liberal art class so as to optimize the teaching efficiency for the exam. In grade 12, we will designed teaching materials and mock tests according to the updating exam trends. Besides, experienced teachers of every subject will take the responsibility of supervision and provide professional instructions.

Our school’s admission rate for entry into colleges/universities in China remains very high. We have many students recruited by prestigious universities such as Peking University, Renmin University of China,Central University of Finance and Economics,Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai International Studies University, Tongji University, East China Normal University, Wuhan University.

Some students are admitted to Fu Jen Catholic University. Some others are accepted by overseas universities.

Courses for Oversea students

To those who have basic-level Chinese, we offer them diploma courses from grade 10 to grade 12, in which the primary textbooks are self-designed by our teachers based on the college examination syllabusfor overseas students applying for first-class Chinese universities, accompanied with Shanghai middle school and high school textbooks designated by Shanghai Education Commission. Grade 11 and 12 are divided into science class and liberal arts class, whose courses are set up in accordance with college examination syllabus for overseas students to facilitate their admission to top universities in China, such as Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Peking University etc.

All the students, including the juniors who have finished a 3-or-4-year course and the seniors who have done the 3-year course, have access to the graduation diploma issued by Shanghai Education Commission when they pass the qualification test accordingly. The graduates can apply for a higher level school or university.

The International Division of Jincai High School has a good relationship with Fudan University, Shanghai Tongji University, Jiao Tong University, which paves the way for students to be admitted to universities with no exams.