International department of Shanghai jincai middle school

Shanghai Jincai High School

The Principal of Shanghai Jincai High School: Hu Ruifeng

JCID Teachers

JCID has more than 40 faculty and staff members, of whom 40 are foreign teachers. With the mission “Students first, striving for excellence” in mind, all the staff in JCID, be it Westerners or Chinese, wholeheartedly committed themselves to teaching the students. The integration of Eastern and Western culture is achieved through the Co-Principals and Co-Teaching models unique to JCID Shanghai.

Qualified and experienced Western teachers are recruited from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and North America, etc. Likewise, qualified Chinese teachers come to JCID with extensive experience in education. Whether they are Western or eastern, JCID teachers are all enthusiastic about teaching, and are all dedicated to the goals of JCID, preparing our students for the multicultural society of the 21st century.

Vice-Principal of Shanghai Jincai High School:Xu Wei