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Shanghai Jincai High School

Principal's Message

Shanghai Jincai High School, donated by Mr. Ye Jincai, a compariot from Taiwan, boasts the first modern boarding high school and is one of the first municipal experimental model high schools.

Jincai High School exemplifies the modernization of Chinese education in a micro or specific practical field rather than running a high school in the general sense. It has established the motto of honoring the teacher, valuing his teaching, loving people and being close to the kind-hearted, with the school spirit of "being virtuous and benevolent, learning extensively and thinking profoundly", aiming to cultivate students to be well-educated gentlemen and ladies with civic awareness, leadership ability, global vision, and innovative spirit.

Guided by the philosophy of "integrating science and art, consolidating foundation with humanities", our school constructs a curriculum to meet the development of each student, featuring three aspects: "Persistent leadership, academic fundamentals and comprehensive innovation". Our curriculum characteristics have been made prominent with the consistent deepening process of fulfilling moral courses focusing on cultivating gratitude, innovation courses in science and technology, and project courses staged with students’ associations.

Teachers of Jincai High School, with the purpose of fostering moral values, have developed a teaching style of "Dedication and Responsibility;Benevolence and Perfection", and are actively involved in the education reform of the double new curriculum, comprehensively exploring the transformation of nurturing talents in an all-around way, in the hope that moral, intelligence, physical, aesthetic and labour education are all valued in class. With a belief of cultivating the in-depth classroom learning in mind, we are dedicated to uplifting faculty’s professional quality and realizing self-worth.

New era calls for new education. So let us keep our spirits up, and move forward bravely!