International department of Shanghai jincai middle school

Shanghai Jincai High School

Reception Tel: 50898887

The services include visa counseling, visa and residence permit application,
temporary accommodation registration and physical
examination registration for students under 18.

Counseling is provided to all the students, teachers and parents for their mental health, providing instruction and service. Activities about mental health education will be launched to effectively deal with students’ mental problems; monitor and control the potential influence caused by accidents. The major intervention methods involved are: basic psychological skills training for homeroom teachers and school staff, individual counseling to students who possibly have mental problems. We would also like to provide instructions to parents about how to create a healthy family relationship and guide parents to have a right attitude towards children’ s psychology, mental development and education strategy.

School Uniform Show

School Bus

The school provides school-home bus service for day students. The bus routes will be designed and charged according to the following items:

Lianyang Shuttle Bus, 4000 RMB/semester

Distance within 10 Km, 6000 RMB/semester

Distance over 10 Km, 8000 RMB/semester

The bus fee (monthly payment) of the special line (less than 5 people in a bus) should be shared equally by each student.

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