The University and Careers Guidance
JCID provides University and Careers Guidance Counselors. Their roles are to help students Years 10-12 review the options for their educational and vocational futures.

The University and Careers Counselor works with parents and students in grade 10-12 to help them explore careers options after JCID. We believe that the process of future planning is more successful when students start exploring potential careers early. The aim is for grade 12 students to feel comfortable and confident about their potential career, course and university choices.

University and Careers Guidance leads students through the process of career selection and to help them to make successful applications to future institutions:  

    * Grade 10-11:  Students are offered to take a career match test and can begin the career planning process.  They are encouraged to try Volunteer work which also starts building a student’s CV/resume in a particular career interest.  

    * Grade 11-12   Possible courses, colleges and universities are discussed with students, and students are strongly encouraged to make university/ college visits. By the time they enter grade 12, students have developed an understanding of the application process to colleges and universities.

    * Grade 12:  Students meet with the Counselor as soon as possible after the start of this school year to start their applications and go over their options. A personal development course which teaches students on personal statement, interview skills, resume writing course is offered this year to assist students with this process. Students can also use this time to register to Collegeboard and the Common Application, and to begin their applications.  There are continued meetings with Grade 12 students throughout the semester and students are encouraged always to stop by, email or telephone with any questions or concerns they may have.   

The College Center office is located in the library on the third floor. 
Julia K. Leman
Head of College Center
Phone: 186-2129-9270